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My SonicWall API - Bearer Token


I successfully managed to get through most of the steps to access the MySonicWall API:

I have an access token, client_secret, tenant_serial - but I never managed to get the bearer token. I always get an 401 Unauthorized."

I followed the instruction here:

- I always use (and not NSM) - is that correct? (will NSM work if user does not use NSM? I tried it as well, at least I am getting a reply:
"status": {        "info": [            {                "code": "NOK",                "level": "error",                "message": "Serial (0040xxxxxxxxxx) is not registered to NSM."            }        ],        "success": false    }}

- in my account are two tenants, I tried with serials from both tenants - I always get an 401 Unauthorized. I added authorization x-api-key as well - no difference.

Tested with postman and python scripts.

Any ideas?


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