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What certifications does SonicWall currently offer?

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SonicWall offers three security-focused training courses and technical certifications for network security professionals and those seeking to begin their security career journey.

Technical Courses and Certifications:

SonicWall offers the following training courses and certifications to support the needs of partners, customers, and employees:

  • SonicWall Network Security Administrator (SNSA): This instructor-led-training training course and certification replaced the Network Security Basic Administration (NSBA).
    •  The course will provide students with the required skills to successfully implement and configure SonicWall firewall appliances and security services. SonicWall recommends this course for network security professionals responsible for the day-to-day network security operations.
    •  To enroll in the SNSA course, register with an authorized training partner. You can find the available partners here:  

  • SonicWall Network Security Professional (SNSP):  This training course and certification is for individuals that deploy, optimize, and troubleshoot all associated product features.
    • The SonicWall Network Security Professional (SNSP) course is an advanced-level training and certification program that builds on the enterprise security skills learned in the SNSA course. The SNSA certification exam is a pre-requisite to taking the SNSP training course.
    • To enroll in the SNSP course, register with an authorized training partner. You can find the available partners here:

  • SonicWall Secure Mobile Access Administrator (SMAA): The Secure Mobile Access Administrator (SMAA) self-paced eLearning training curriculum is designed to teach students specific SonicWall SMA 1000 series appliance skills to provide secure, anywhere access to applications and resources for employees, business partners and other users.
    •  Once you have completed the Secure Mobile Access Administrator eLearning course, you are eligible to take the Secure Mobile Access Administrator exam.
    • To enroll in the SMAA course, Contact an authorized training partner (ATP) and inquire about the SMAA training course. The ATP will provide the course and the exam activation keys. You can find the available partners here:

SonicWall University:

SonicWall University is an integrated online learning platform designed to keep you at the forefront of today’s cybersecurity threats and solutions. Offering free training with pathways to help network security professionals earn their SecureFirst sales, technical accreditations, and more.

Key benefits include:

Suggested SonicWall University Courses:

You need to login to SonicWall University to be able to access the following courses. If you are working for a SecureFirst partner, use your SonicWall SecureFirst Partner Portal account to login to SonicWall University. If you are an end-user, use account or create a free account at to be able to access SonicWall University.

For aspiring network security professionals (Available to all):

  1. Network Security Technology Overview
  2. Network Security Essentials

If you have previous network security experience (Available only to SecureFirst partners):

  1. SonicOS Fundamentals
  2.  SonicWall Networking
  3. SonicWall Security Services
  4. Firewall User Authentication
  5. Troubleshooting
  6. Firewall Best Practices

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