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Mouse Inactivity Check option


Hi, Up to date documentation seems to be lacking at some places regarding SSLVPN timeout settings in latest versions of SonicOs.

I can't see any documentation about the behavior of the Mouse inactivity check toggle.
The thing I know is the timeout setting stopped to be enforced since a couple of versions (currently on 7.1.1-7051 ), users can stay connected their whole week and I didn't change any configuration.

Is this option:

- The solution to avoid the problems lots of people had? (yes, all my users are all currently on 0 minutes inactivity time)

  • Can it be a security flaw if activated.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge/experience

Category: SSL VPN


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    JiffJiffJiffJiff Newbie ✭


    I have also noticed that since the update to 7.1.1, I can have users on for long periods of time. I also have the same question you do about mouse inactivity check.

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