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Works from my network, but server unreachable for all others...

french44french44 Newbie ✭

Very strange issue that recently came up. I have a SOHO that's running a very small network for a HVAC system that we connect to via NetExtender. I'm able to connect to it from our office, different network but within the same building, but not from any other network. Even if I connect to our guest WiFi network I get the "the server is not reachable" message. I can ping the public IP from my network, but no other network. I don't have any rules setup that only allows my network to connect. It was working previously and no changes have been made for quite some time. All access rules look to be correct.

Anyone see anything like this before? Any suggestions on where to look? Thanks

Category: SSL VPN


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    ArkwrightArkwright All-Knowing Sage ✭✭✭✭

    Not really enough detail about the network topology to give much more advice than….do a packet capture on the Soho. Look for the traffic you are expecting. Does it hit the Soho at all? Is it dropped, or ???

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    french44french44 Newbie ✭

    Thanks for the reply. The building I'm in uses a NSA2600 to provide internet and public IPs to each tenant. No firewall enabled or anything that should stop any data. It's been setup for over 5 years with no issue. The HVAC network has it's own SOHO. Very basic setup… static IP for the WAN with one Windows PC connected to the network to access the HVAC system. I'm able to connect to the SSLVPN when I'm in my office, but any network outside of the building does not reach the HVAC network. Also cannot ping the network outside the office.

    While typing this out I may need to have them look at the NSA to see if something has changed. It was working fine at least a few months ago and they said nothing has changed on the NSA for quite some time.

    I've ran a packet capture for port 4433 and I'm not seeing anything come thru.

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    french44french44 Newbie ✭

    Apparently I just need to be more persistent with the building's IT staff. After talking with them again they found an issue with a setting in the NSA that was blocking the WAN traffic to the HVAC Zone. Working as it should now. Thanks

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