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Load balancing and Interface access question

Hello Community,

A couple of questions/issues. I have 2 interfaces for LB and Failover. I am seeing one of the targets as Target Unavailable please see below for the Primary Firewall. This is also the case Secondary Firewall is Active.

Current Primary Active:

Current Secondary Standby:

I am sure when I set these up both targets were available. Can someone please confirm this or if this is an issue please advise?

Secondly, the X2 interface when used does not bring back any web pages and is extremely slow. I can ping via IP and name using CMD but this does not load any web pages and anything to do with the internet please see below.

If I switch to the X1 interface all works as expected.

Any advice on this please?


Category: Mid Range Firewalls


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    Asif_IqbalAsif_Iqbal Newbie ✭

    Hello Community,

    Does anyone have any ideas/advice to my question please?


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