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Surface 9 Pro and Global VPN Client slowness while VPN Connected

I have a Surface 9 Pro for business that we have installed the Global CPN client on. The VPN client connects without error, but my download speed is less than 2MB. Upload speed is at or over 800MB. We experienced this same issue with the Lenovo machines in our office and after setting RSC to Disabled for the Wi-Fi and Ethernet on those specific machines, download speeds are where they need to be when connected to the VPN. I have set RSC to disabled for Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections on this Surface 9 Pro for business but it is still giving extremely slow download speeds when connected. Once we disconnect from the VPN, download speeds are back to normal. Anyone else run into this with a Surface 9 Pro for Business?

Category: VPN Client


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    Josh_VengleyJosh_Vengley Newbie ✭

    Surface 9 Pro for business currently has Global VPN client version We also uninstalled and installed version and experienced the same issue.

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