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Mobile Connect not working with Samsung Ultra 32

Sheldon_DSheldon_D Newbie ✭

Hi there,

We are having an issue with logging into our sonicwalls vpn with mobile connect (latest version downloaded from play store) with a samsung ultra 23 (also has the latest version of android, up to date).

When we put our Domain name and IP address (with or without the port number at the end) it says "Warning <ip address> is either currently unreachable or is not a valid sonicwall appliance. Would you like to save this connection anyway?"

And if we hit yes, and try to connect the VPN it says the same thing. It does this with or without the port number at the end of the IP.

Using a samsung galaxy s22 with the exact same IP (with the port) and exact same domain it allows me to connect (if I do not have a port number at the end of the IP it asks me if I would like to add the port and allows me to connect).

Both phones are using the same cellphone carrier. Neither phones have any other VPN software or other software settings that are special in regards to networking.

What might I be doing wrong?

Category: SSL VPN
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