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TZ300 - Fan failure warning, but model is fanless - firmware bug?


The logs of my SonicWall TZ-300 is showing many fan failures. However, this model is fanless. I've read about a false-positive on some other models but I can't find it for this specific model.

I just upgraded the firmware to the latest version this morning but the issue persued.

Unfortunatly this firewall does not have any support licenses anymore and I don't feel it's worth adding it for this specific log event.

Anybody that has the same issue and knows a workaround/way to disable this even from flowing in my logs? It's also showing up on my Zabbix monitoring which is quite annoying as a false-positive.

Thanks already!

Category: Mid Range Firewalls


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    henkkeumushenkkeumus Newbie ✭

    I see I can just disable the alert in the logging section of the device. But as it's a fanless device, shouldn't there be an option somewhere under system properties to enable/disable fan?

    Or SonicWall that need to correct their firmware. I understand that some firmwares will be applied to multiple devices due to matching hardware.

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