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SMA 500v (KVM) - Restart kills Appliance

BWCBWC Cybersecurity Overlord ✭✭✭


after having multiple SMA 500v deployed on ESXi and Hyper-V I had the chance to get one done on Proxmox (KVM). Deployment process is straight forward, a few manual steps and all is up and running.

The main problem is, that restarting the appliance (either in Proxmox, or via System → Restart) kills the appliance and after the reboot it's no longer accessible. It seems that parts of the configuration getting corrupted and causing high CPU load (looks like 100% on one core). No login possible via console (the EULA pops up again, but no setup menu, error 3 shows up).

Anyone face something similar?

The whole issue is reproducable and never occured on any other platform.

  • installed initially with a trial license, updated to
  • installed a fresh, updated to and imported the trial config
  • updated to

The "funny" part, restarting a fresh appliance always works, but after importing the config, restart system corrupts the whole instance. BUT updating firmware (which includes a reboot) does not, updates from to and worked well.

I tested this thoroughly and the situation is verified.

Another thing what's different to other deployments, the TSR is around 14MB in size and includes and, which are including some system /etc files.

I have a hunch that it is related to the in introduced "additional security checks for firmware integrity", but can't tell for sure. I don't have another system which got initially deployed on, they are all much older.

Hopefully this SMA case will not cost me another year of my life and it's already reported.


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    BWCBWC Cybersecurity Overlord ✭✭✭
    Answer ✓

    FYI, Support came through real quick, kudos for that.

    It seems that my initial hunch about was correct because the answer from support was that:

    I've seen this problem before but on another platforms, not KVM.
    Please redeploy with the version instead of
    After deployment, upgrade to ->>

    I redeployed the appliance and imported the config and reboot is still fine.

    The TSR is down from 14MB to around 80KB, which is the typical size for it. So if your TSR is that big, be warned your appliance may break at reboot.


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