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Changing broadcast from X0 to another port

We are using 2 - NSA 3700 firewalls in HA configuration.

All of our LAN's are connected to 10 gb ports X28 - X31.

I wasn't going to use X0 at all, but I know it's needed for HA, so I connected them directly to each other because the X0 interface with monitoring IPs serves as an additional HA link and improves HA sync and overall stability.

Route Policy_12 Any Any Any X0 20

I have learned that when you try and ping from the firewall to remote firewalls over vpn tunnel it uses X0 address and in my case I used as the address for X0. This is not a network that is allowed in our tunnels.

Is there anyway to edit the broadcast to another port?

Or could I portshield X0 to X29 which is our server LAN?

Category: Mid Range Firewalls
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