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How do you create virtual IPs on SonicWall?

I'm trying to do this on a TZ-370 test system w/latest SonicOS:

X1: WAN (
X3: LAN (<----------------------------------->[device A (]
X4: LAN (<----------------------------------->[device B (]

On the WAN I want to define a virtual IP that translates to 'device A' and
virtual IP that translates to 'device B'.

So, if on the WAN side I ping then 'device A' should respond, and for 'device B'.

I've tried address objects & NAT & routing rules but all I ever get is an error-
"Cannot set outbound interface for destination remap"

This is easy on other firewall types so Im missing something fundamental with SonicWall.

Thanks for any assistance

Category: Entry Level Firewalls


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    B83B83 Newbie ✭

    tu! forwards everything, even protocols. Perfect. Thanks, TKWITS!

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