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SMA 400

Hi All,

This is my first time deploying a SMA and it is quite easy. However, I have doubts and wonder if the community can help me.
I have configured my Lab SMA behind my firewall configured like this:

I can sign in to the virtual portal when I type the domain name, if I type the WAN IP, another portal comes up (looks like management), the domain is name LocalDomain, and only accepts the administrator password.

- How I can block people from seeing the admin portal typing my WAN IP?

-Is this scenario following the good practice of deployment?

My understanding is the SMA does not do routing, I configured the port X0 for the DMZ traffic between the Firewall and SMA, and the port X2 as local management.

-Is it recommend to instead of giving to the DMZ zone to access the LAN, connect the port X3 on the SMA to the LAN and define a static route in SMA?

Thank you!

Category: Secure Mobile Access Appliances


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    MarkDMarkD Cybersecurity Overlord ✭✭✭

    Move the Management portal to a different port Add firewall rule to permit only a "whitelisted" range and port

    create another portal for what services you are making available

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    Fcampa88Fcampa88 Newbie ✭
    edited May 1

    Thank you, this information helped a lot.

    I've created two portals (contractor and TestVirtual). Is it possible to reach both portals from the WAN using only one interface (X0)?

    I can't imagine another way other than connecting the SMA ports X1, X2 or X3 to my firewall (DMZ) and setting up another zone with port forward and rules.

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