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Move LAN from Ethernet to SFP+

Recently we were tasked with moving our primary LAN interface from X0 (1Gig Ethernet) to X29(10 Gig SFP+). We followed the directions posted on the mysonicwall site, but ended not having any internet connection. - Link I followed -

If someone has better directions on how to do this, I would greatly appreciate it!

One other issue I am having is that it seems support is no longer answering their phones or responding to tickets opened on the mysonicwall site, if someone could help with that, it would be extremely helpful.

Thank you!

Category: Firewall Management and Analytics


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    fmadiafmadia Moderator

    Hi @JustinRCron,

    moving the LAN Interface to a different interface should be a straight forward process. To make sure causing major disruptions, you should simply follow these steps:

    -Backup your configuration (export the EXP Settings file)

    -Take note of the X0 Settings.

    -Disconnect the X0 cable and change the X0 interface configuration to Unassigned.

    -Enter the same configuration as your X0 in the X29 configuration.

    -Connect the cable to X29.

    Please note the following though:

    -If you have configured custom NAT Policies or Static Routes to route/NAT traffic to the WAN, you must replicate these for X29 manually.

    -Verify that the link speed and negotiation settings are correct for X29 on the other side of the interface (the other side should match the link speed and duplex mode of the firewall side.

    -Verify that the SFP Module you are using is supported:

    If the issue persists, I would encourage to contact our Tech Support Team, the waiting times on the queue should have improved and now you can opt in to receive a callback as soon as someone is free. If you opened a web ticket through MySonicWall, feel free to IM me here and I will follow up internally.

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    prestonpreston Enthusiast ✭✭

    @JustinRCron, I use the migrate tool for this, you can just remap the Interfaces in the wizard this generally moves all the rules associated also with the Interfaces

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