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sma 500v client to client communication help


Wondering what I'm missing to allow communication between clients connected to the SMA vpn? If I try to ping between two netextender clients on the VPN they fail. I added some client routes on the SMA, but that didn't seem to help.

Not looking to connect site to site, just to enable communication between clients connected to the same VPN appliance.


Category: Secure Mobile Access Appliances

Best Answer


  • If you're using AWS/Azure this many not work

    But if you're using other SMA models client should be able to ping each other provided both are getting same Tunnel IP address.

    Try with Tunnel All mode.

    Vijay Kumar KV

    Enterprise Tech Support Consultant | SME

  • MudFlapsMudFlaps Newbie ✭

    We have the virtual appliance installed on-prem.

    We are using the NetExtender client.

    I don't want to force all traffic through the tunnel, is that the only way to make this work?

    Thank you

  • MudFlapsMudFlaps Newbie ✭

    Hello, I did add a client route for this, but I'm still unable to ping back and forth.

    When I do a traceroute I see it going across the VPN tunnel to the built in interface on the SMA/ x2, but then it never goes anywhere from there.

  • NicholasNicholas SonicWall Employee

    You may have it being misrouted or possibly a software firewall block. If its a required functionality for your setup I would ask you open a support ticket for us to investigate further.

  • MudFlapsMudFlaps Newbie ✭

    FYI I did get this working with the client route add, forgot I needed to have the other VPN client logout/login to get the new routes.

    Thank you!

  • Great, thanks for the updates. we need to reconnect to get the new routes/resources updated for the users...

    Vijay Kumar KV

    Enterprise Tech Support Consultant | SME

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