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How to configure route for the communication in between wlan & lan interface

I am using tz 105 Sonic wall. It's my new device. When I started the device I found default IP address of X0 lan interface & the DHCP is already configured while I found IP address IP address on W0. Interface while dchp is already configured for this. I configured wireless radio with SSID & connected my laptop through wireless & Got IP & I connected the same laptop through cable to X0 & I got IP address now my Question is that From my laptop I disconnected the X0 lan cable while me connected to sonic through the wireless network but I am unable to ping I need help please what should I do?
Category: Entry Level Firewalls

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    alijan125alijan125 Newbie ✭
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    Thank you for valuable help. If I follow you all my wireless connected devices can ping the management of Sonic while I want only my laptop should access ping to


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    fmadiafmadia Moderator

    Hi @alijan125 , being unable to ping is expected because you're trying to ping the IP of the X0 interface while being connected to W0 which is the Virtual Interface for Wireless.

    If you connect to W0 and you want to ping the firewall, you can ping the W0 IP Address which in the case you described it's If you properly set it up, you can then access the firewall management through

    If you connect to X0, then you will be able to reach the firewall through the X0 IP Address (in your case

    Hope this helps.

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