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IPSEC VPN issues - I would avoid 7.1.1-7051-R5653 (and lower 7.1.x) for now

Hi. Just thought I'd post since I did not spot a post about this.

There have been several reports of VPN issues in other forums, especially when setup between SonicWall and Azure VPN Gateway with SonicOS 7.1. Be those cases real or not, who knows. The reader may give whatever value for this post, but we are seeing multiple cases of VPN issues with our customers. The VPN stops passing traffic partially (so perhaps traffic with some servers on other end work, other do not, or some ports work, some do not). This happens randomly, after say 1-2 weeks of normal operation. When the issue happens, then the "fix" is to force HA failover or reboot, and traffic recovers. This started since upgrading to 7.1.x.

Yes, it was a mistake to upgrade, should have waited. No, we are not planning to do downgrades. We are wishing a new firmware with a fix would arrive soon. So if someone ponders, when you are reading this and the newest is still 7.1.1-7051-R5653, I would recommend against upgrading if you are still on 7.0. If you are on 7.1.1.. well, your call :)

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    fmadiafmadia Moderator

    Hi @oomphion, I apologies for the bad experience here. I would highly advice, if you haven't done so already, to contact our Tech Support team to investigate further and find out what's causing the issue and if there is a fix already.


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