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Do VPN Tunnels consume VPN licenses?

CETofNCCETofNC Newbie ✭

I have set up SSL VPNs before with guidence from a previous coworker, but I am not as familiar with the in's and out's of VPN tunnels. I ask for some patience.

I have a client who has 3 locations and there are VPN tunnels connecting each of them (this was set up before my time at the company and when we took over their IT support). The owner of the company wants to be able to work from home some days of the week. To make sure I do not ask them to waste more money to buy extra licenses that they may or may not already have for this, I want to be 100% sure that the VPN tunnels set up are not consuming the licenses currently on the sonicwalls.

Can someone please enlighten me as I am unable to find an answer to my question? I may be missing the answer to my question if it is in terms that I am unfamilliar with.


Here is the client's configuration/licenses on the devices:

Location 1 Sonicwall: 1 SSL VPN licenses
Location 2 Sonicwall: 2 SSL VPN licenses
Location 3 Sonicwall: 2 SSL VPN licenses

Like I said, the end goal is for the client to be able to use a VPN to remote into the office for when he works from home.

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    MarkDMarkD Cybersecurity Overlord ✭✭✭
    edited April 4 Answer ✓

    Each client VPN (Netextender, Mobile access) will use an SSL license the number of licenses is for concurrent connections.

    A Site-Site VPN does not consume a license

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