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"Err: File exceeds IP count" in DEAG

I'm using a vendor's dynamic list that has about 6100 addresses. Our TZ670 (7.1.1-7051) returns the error in the subject. Is there anything I can do?

Also, since I'm still feeling my way around the FW, I want to confirm that the policy should be DENY Source Zone WAN, address DEAG from preceding, and Destination Zone LAN? Thanks

Category: Entry Level Firewalls

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  • The list is known malicious IPs, retrieved hourly. There is probably some overlap with RBL. I would like to block them at the FW, at least inbound.

    Thank you for the link. I had to look further and came upon this: Unfortunately, our device's maximum is 3949 objects and it won't come close to handling this list. I also learned that we were given the wrong instructions and the DEAG shouldn't have been set for FQDN, but it wouldn't have worked regardless.

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