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NetExtender version x64 bit 10.2.339

vschriadcvschriadc Newbie ✭

We have a mixed environment of Windows 10 /macOS users with the TZ600 SonicWall. The SonicWall has been in use since 2020 with no issues until now. When staff is connected to the NetExtender VPN connection our upload speed is 1.2mbps and download speed 0.1 mbps. My firewall support team reached out to SonicWall support. SonicWall support had my team perform several different tests and finally states this is a known issue. Then stops communicating with my team. I contacted our ISP company that came on-site and replaced 2 different hardware devices in the building and one device in my server room. This has not resolved the issue. The SonicWall is still under warranty and support speaks of using there new series router. SonicWall support will not return any of our calls and has officially stopped communicating with my firewall support team. If anyone has any ideas besides replacing the SonicWall; this would be greatly appreciated.

Category: SSL VPN
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