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SD-WAN sla class object probe time

Good afternoon, i'm trying to understand how the sd-wan interface selection works and if it is possible to edit some parameters.

For example, if i have a SD-WAN with 3 interfaces and my sla class object is the default lowest latency from sonicwall:

1- what is the time interval between interface selection (every 1 sec, 3secs, 5secs?)

2- does the sd-wan check the latency in the exact moment or does it calculate a media value of the last minute?

3- is there any way i can create an sla class obect with a fixed % for packet loss + lowest latency?

Thanks in advance, if there is a document that explains it please do share, i just didn't find one that addresses this questions.

Best regards,


Category: Mid Range Firewalls


  • JaviSDJaviSD Newbie ✭

    Help 🙏 i really can't find this info anywhere

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