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CMS update problem to version 12.4.3


I've got a problem updating the CMS to version 12.4.3. I have a version 12.4.2 with all fixes.

CMS on Hyper-V.

My three SMA's were updated without any problem and are working.

Has anyone had such a problem?

In the attachment you will find logs from my CMS.

Category: Secure Mobile Access Appliances


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    wmperrywmperry SonicWall Employee

    To see why the migration failed you would need to look at /var/log/migrate_12.4.2.log and/or /var/log/aventail/upgrade.log

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    ZbebusZbebus Newbie ✭


    I reinstall CMS, from new ISO image 12.4.3.

    It only took me 30 minutes, I won't waste my time.

    Now all working fine, but new instalation resets all Time-based One-Time Password users.

    Best Regards

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