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How to open a port for authenticated users only?

dbdan22dbdan22 Newbie ✭


I'd like to open a port for an authenticated user - someone who has passed Netextender SSL VPN authentication, has connected to the network, but hasn't yet connected to a PC on the network.

I've seen many articles about how to open up a port to the world -

but not how to open up a port just for someone who has passed authentication.

The idea is to be able to run a script on the client PC right after Netextender authentication, which will communicate with a script running on a server on the LAN. The server script will then send a magic packet to a PC on the LAN to wake it up.

Given my limited knowledge of firewall rules, how to restrict this port to authenticated users only? Can the firewall make this distinction world vs. authenticated user?


Category: SSL VPN


  • ArkwrightArkwright All-Knowing Sage ✭✭✭✭

    On access rules, Users Included/Excluded parameters.

    Your user is already known to the firewall as they have VPNed in.

    I suggest you test this WOL stuff without authentication first in case it is not usable on L3 networks.

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