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Netextender disconnects after 23 seconds

AnotherNetProblemAnotherNetProblem Newbie ✭
edited February 16 in VPN Client

My company recently introduce Net Extender to us. When trying to connect and remote from home to my work desk, Net extender connects for 23 seconds and then proceed to disconnect. I then get an error:"NetExtender has been disconnected for one of the following reasons: There was a break in the network connection. The connection was idle for longer than the configured idle timeout. Your user account was logged out of the SSL VPN portal."

My WIFI speed on 5g is typically 67.2 MBPS Download and 18.4 MBPS Upload with 15 MS Latency. My internet Provider is Breezeline and they say there is no security they have to block the Netexteneder, My Router and Modem are pretty old coming up on the 10th year, but my WIFI does break and does not usually run slow. I tried to restart my router and Modem to factory reset.

Also to note when i use my iPhone 3g Hotspot it connects and runs with no problem, so I'm assuming it is a problem with my WIFI.

Do you think it would be my Router or Modem that i would have to replace, or do you recommend both? Or is their a firmware feature that would prevent my connection to stay connected to the vpn.

Any advice helps, thanks.

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