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MFA and emails

I can't get the SMTP to work. It fails with

These are the same settings we use for our printers to send emails. I want to enable MFA with user email addresses but the system can't send emails.

Category: Entry Level Firewalls

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    KMBITKMBIT Newbie ✭
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    Cyber M;

    I have read through your post and the comments a few times and I am still wondering how you have the SMTP Service setup on the firewall and has it been tested?

    I have just setup a user with OTP via Email and the email gets sent out - no problem.

    I believe the confusion here is the setup of the SMTP Service is separate from the configuration of the User email.

    You need to go to Device/Log/Automation then the Mail Server Settings to configure the SMTP service.

    you need to setup the mail server - for 365 it is

    you need to define the credentials for the account that is going to send the emails, this is done under "Advanced"

    you will need to set connection to STARTTLS and then manually set the port to 587

    Then check Enable SMTP Authentication and enter the account that is going to be used to send the emails along with either their password or the App password that was created for this account.

    Save that and then click on Test Settings and if it passes click Accept.

    Then your emails will go out to uses for OTP via Email.

    I hope this helps.


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