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Facebook Social WiFi login with SonicWall Sonicpoint?

AndrewAndrew Administrator
edited April 14 in SonicPoint

Has anyone looked into setting up SonicWall Sonicpoint with facebook social authentication?

Category: SonicPoint


  • ChrisChris Administrator

    Hi @Andrew ,

    Yes, you could setup a LHM server to enable OAuth with Facebook access but that will require you to configure a Facebook developer account and have an external LHM server to handle the login requests. We do not recommend any 3rd party LHM servers. On SonicWall WiFi Cloud Manager you can configure a guest SSID to redirect the user to a Facebook login page which would not require you to use an external LHM server all requests are handled by the SonicWALL and the setup is extremely simple the attached guide will help configure the same. This feature is currently in Beta and hence I would recommend you stage it on one device verify if you like the solution and then upgrade the firmware on all of your sonic wave devices.

     The suggested option will only work on SonicWave 400 and 200 series.

    Hope this helps!


    Community Manager of SonicWall. Feel free to @Chris if you have any questions or concerns about the community.

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