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Broadcast Storm I think

DsanninDsannin Newbie ✭
edited February 8 in Switches

Hello Everyone, so we are a dell shop and and we mostly use dell everything. I have two dell docks plugged into small SWS12-8POE switch at my desk and every time I have a firmware/BIOS update on a dell laptop that is connected to either one of these docks, it floods my switch somehow and all my other devices loose connection. I am not sure what is going on but I know for sure it happens when I am updating the laptops BIOS, it floods the switch and the switch stops transmitting any data, I can still ping the switch from the other side of the network where the switch is connected to, and i can log into the, switch but anything behind the switch loses connection. How do i configure the switch to withstand whatever the dell docks/laptops do to it while they are updating. I think it is a broadcast storm because I ran wireshark during one of the recent incident and there was a ton of traffic from a dell device tagged Broadcast than there is normally.

Category: Switches
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