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Static Route Recieving Hits but request timed out

I think I have my routes configured correctly. This is an additional firewall to segment a network. I want to be able to reach that network via the routes I have below.

X1 is my Wan and a part of my main network I am able to ping it and of course manage the device there. However trying to get to the X0 network which has a different IP Scheme I get hits showing up for the rules but on my PC itself I am getting request not connected. Am I just misunderstanding Static routes or am I missing a step with the SonicWall firewall?

I have a route placed on my PC itself to forward any traffic to the X1 interface to the X0 IP and that's how I am getting hits. So I think there is a step I am missing in the SonicWall Portion.

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    TKWITSTKWITS Community Legend ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited February 7

    I dont think you understand how routing works and thats ok. Generally, routes are to / from SUBNETS and your screenshot shows a destination of an IP address. While strict routing on a per IP basis is not wrong, its very dependent on the situation and needs.

    Read up:

    Also, provide a diagram of your network(s) and pertinent samples of all routing tables. Explain what you are trying to accomplish.

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