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Options intermittent connectivity

Hello all,

Our enterprise network has experienced a very odd issue: users some times cannot browse on any browsers. It is a network wide issue.

  1. We confirmed that when directly connecting to Modem, works
  2. Cellphone users can browse when using cellular data
  3. End users can ping
  4. This issue happens more than 10 times a day. Every time last about 5-30 minutes
  5. All the other websites work as expected.
  6. Firewall packet monitor does not capture any data from my IP.
  7. I used wireshark to capture packets and keep refreshing browse to re-connect There are a lot of TCP RST, and re-transmission.

I pasted some screenshots here and share anything that will help. Much appreciated!

our prtg network monitor shows http sensor downtime


Category: Mid Range Firewalls
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