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Try to set up failover

I'm trying to set up failover on a Tz470 to a Verizon wireless internet gateway. The gateway works if connected directly to a computer but once I connnect it to my Tz470 port X2 nothing happens. I configured it for the wan, followed all the instructions but can't figure why nothing is passing through. I need help.

Category: Entry Level Firewalls


  • MustafaAMustafaA SonicWall Employee

    Hi @Kfleb1

    On the PDF file I see that the link status for X2 is "Link Down". Did you take the screen capture after you disconnected the Verizon Wireless device? You are mentioning about Verizon Wireless but at the same time referring to X2 port. That being said, I would think you have an external modem which has ethernet interface and connects to the cellular network. Is my assumption correct?

  • Kfleb1Kfleb1 Newbie ✭

    Hi Mustafaa

    Thanks for helping. This verizon business internet gateway is to serve as a secondary modem for my failover. I was attached to port X2 when I took the screen shot. Yes your assumption is correct, this verizon internet gateway is an external modem that connects to the cellular network.

  • MustafaAMustafaA SonicWall Employee

    Since you are confirming that the Verizon modem was connected to X2 interface, and given the fact that the link status shows "Link Down", this may mean that they are not able to negotiate layer-2 link speed (eg. 100Mbps, 1Gbps). Either test it by inserting a dummy switch in-between or manually select 100Mbps, 1Gbps to see if that makes a difference.

  • Kfleb1Kfleb1 Newbie ✭

    It wasn't a sonic wall problem but LAN choice on the Verizon internet gateway. Verizon instructions said use LAN 2, I had tested it on LAN 1, because LAN 1 was not in use LAN 2 didn't work. Plugged it into LAN 1 it is working fine. I never would of thought of that so using the dummy switch helped. Thanks

  • MustafaAMustafaA SonicWall Employee

    Thanks for the feedback @Kfleb1 . Glad it is resolved.

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