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Cannot log into VPN after connecting new Domain Controller


We've just upgraded our office Domain Controller and after replacing into the LAN, now we cannot log in via NetExtender at all. Trying to do so gives "Authentication Failed". Nothing has changed in terms IP addresses or ports, other than physically a different DC box.

I'm stumped. Any ideas where I can look?

Category: SSL VPN


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    AjishlalAjishlal Community Legend ✭✭✭✭✭


    Did you reconfigure the LDAP under the Users-->Settings ?

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    Thanks for your response. I'm back at this problem. Under Users Settings, I don't see any LDAP option, all I see is: Name, Password, Confirm Password, User must change password, One time password method, email address, account lifetime and Comment. No LDAP. Note that I have updated the firmware to the latest version hoping that would help; it didn't.

    More information: Users who were configured in SonicWall and NetExtender before the upgrade can log in to NetExtender with their OTP and get into their domain workstation via Remote Desktop just fine. Any user for whom I've changed settings, or a new SonicWall user can log into NetExtender OK, but cannot connect to any hosts on the domain.

    For example, I changed my SonicWall password, and later changed my SonicWall email address and even set my user to One-time password method DISABLED. I can get past NetExtender., but then cannot RDC to my domain workstation. I always get "Remote Desktop can't connect to the remote computer", whereas inside the office I can remote connect to any of the computers. This was not a problem before the domain upgrade.

    Example 2, I created a new SonicWall user. I've tried connecting the the domain with that user using OTP methods TOTP, OTP via email and Disabled. In all cases the new user can get past NetExtender, but they also get the RDC error, "Remote Desktop can't connect to the remote computer",

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    Furthermore, if I bypass the SonicWall VPN and Remote Desktop directly from a remote computer to the RDC port on my office workstation, I can log in no problem.

    So RDC direct from remote bypassing VPN, no problem; from inside the domain/LAN (no VPN), no problem; via VPN, "cannot connect". Therefore, something is up with the SonicWall VPN. But what?

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    Any more thoughts on this before I call sonciWall?

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