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Can I get troubleshooting assistance?

rdvillardvilla Newbie ✭

[REF: SonicWall Global VPN Client - Version]

I currently use a laptop for portable access to my work VPN as I am in office on T/T and work from home M/W/F. I utilize a wired connection in office and the Global VPN Client (across a wi-fi connection) when remote. I routinely have to uninstall/reinstall the VPN client each time I move from one location to the other. When I invoke the Global VPN Client shortcut, I can see the wi-fi signal (on the status bar) change to a no connection state and I am prompted to enter my Username / Password to no avail. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

In addition, when the VPN Client is operational, web browsing is slowed tremendously (especially when loading PDF files). I find myself disabling the VPN client to complete my web work, then having to reconnect to continue my connected work.

Category: VPN Client


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