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WAN (IPv6) <-> LAN(IPv4)?

Hello Community

I have a TZ350 and a DS-light internet connection. Until recently my ISP gave me a modem with a 192.168.0.xx address range. I have my firewall configured to have an IPv4 address of on the WAN side and 192.168.1.xx on the LAN side. Now I received a new modem with a 192.168.1.xx address range. Unfortunately, I cannot change this address range. However, the modem has an IPv4 and an IPv6 DHCP server. Having the same 192.168.1.xx address range on both the WAN and LAN side will not work.

My idea (as a newbie) is to disable IPv4 on the modem and use IPv6 between the modem and WAN side of the firewall, keeping IPv4 on the LAN side.

Question: Will my idea function? If yes, how would I set up the NAT rules? If not, what possibilities are there?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Category: Entry Level Firewalls


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