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Connect Tunnel Client connection logic when configured for device/user VPN connection.

The connect tunnel client needs to attempt to switch from Device mode to User mode more aggressively.

Scenario - Windows 10 laptop with working Connect Tunnel Device/User connection to SMA1000 series device.

User goes to hotel / Powers up Laptop and logs in (but does not attempt to connect wifi before login)

Connect Tunnel client will not connect to VPN because it has no internet (expected operation)

User connects to hotel wifi

Connect Tunnel client automatically connects to Device VPN but does not attempt to switch to user mode VPN

The user must open connect tunnel and hit "Connect" to have a fully operational VPN.

Feature request: change this logic so that if the Connect Tunnel VPN client can establish a Device mode VPN, it at least attempts a User mode connection. If it fails to switch to User mode due to password or other reason, then it can quit trying. Maybe put a limit of two unsuccessful connection attempts before it falls back to Device mode and requires user interaction.

This lack of logic to switch from Device to User mode causes problems in MANY situations (resume from sleep, etc.) and i have been trying to get it addressed for a long time but support always wants logs to recreate the issue. I am finally presenting the scenario above so that support can recreate the issue at will and hopefully get development to address it.

Category: VPN Client


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    vkrtandravkrtandra SonicWall Employee

    Hi @Doug_Daniel , for the current use-case, there's an easy workaround already available in the client. Please enable "Connect automatically at Windows logon" checkbox under settings. This enables client to continuously probe and connect once the network is UP.

    This setting can be enabled during install (either from installer UI or command line param), from client settings or using HKLM registry.

    Screenshot for reference:

    PS: This is only effective for the current use-case i.e. first time login and is not effective for other use-cases (resume from sleep).

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    vkrtandravkrtandra SonicWall Employee

    @Doug_Daniel , the upcoming March 2024 hotfix will have some fixes that you are looking for and will address some of your requests with User VPN.

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    Doug_DanielDoug_Daniel Newbie ✭

    Thank you!

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    Doug_DanielDoug_Daniel Newbie ✭

    I see that 12.4.3 has been released. I will review and update our instance shortly and respond back.

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    Doug_DanielDoug_Daniel Newbie ✭

    FYI - for anyone who had this issue.. the connect tunnel client seems to have much better auto-reconnect logic as stated in the release notes. It has done well in our testing and we will roll out to all end users this Saturday 4/20/24 and update with our experience. Here is the update mentioned in the release notes:

    SMA1000-7134 Trigger User VPN to auto reconnect when it got disconnected other than user disconnect

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