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SMA 500 Vmware / html app offloading problem

Hi together,

since the Support Team doesnt come up with an idea or solutions i would try my best to ask my question here in the Community and provide the best Infos i can deliver:

A Customer of us has a SMA, he already uses this device vor VPN and portals which work without problems!

Now he has a new application offloaded (windows Server with IIS is the Target) and this System (CRM CAS Smartdesign genesis) uses a dtabase and a mobile App which connects from the Internet through that portal. and only the mobile app has a problem when editing something like a contakt in the crm. the support of that system told us that the proxy removes the html header "etag" and "if-match" also "if-none-match" has to be allowed.

Since we tried the setup without the offload portal (directly firewall Internet to the server) that worked so the problem has to be on the SMA, we already tried to deactivate and activate different settings and test it. Allways the same, the app has these problems.

Is anyone here in the community who has any idea what could be the Problem and how to fix it?

Firmware is

I could not find any Log Informations where i could find anything regarding those problems....

Kind Regards and Thanks in advance !!!!

Category: Secure Mobile Access Appliances
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