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Sonicwall Pro 200 authentication


I am trying to register my old Sonicwall Pro 200 in the portal. There is no authentication code on the sticker. Maybe that wasnt a thing back then. Anyone knows how to register it in the portal?

Optionally: Anyone got a link to the firmware file for it?

Merry Christmas


Category: High End Firewalls


  • MustafaAMustafaA SonicWall Employee

    Hello @Zwap

    SonicWall Pro 200 firewalls are end of life, which means you won't be able to get firmware for it.

  • ZwapZwap Newbie ✭


    I know its way past EOL and suspected that would be the answer, but can you point me in a direction where to get the original ISO file.

    I dont expect support etc. just the firmware for the device, so I can get it up and running again as I had to do a master reset.



  • MustafaAMustafaA SonicWall Employee

    Unfortunately we cannot provide the firmware for an obsolete/EOL firewall.

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