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Packets dropping all of a sudden, starting to go mad

Hi all, I've tried most things so I've come here for assistance.

We have a Sonicwall TZ600. We have a 3rd party application that is not hosted by us. In order to connect to it from our office, we have a site to site VPN setup.

The issue started a few days ago whereby users could no longer access it from the office. They can however access it when they work from home and use the VPN client. We have tried a number of things such as upgrading the firmware on the firewall, rebooting it, rebuilding the VPN with the 3rd party, getting them to also update their equipment and reboot it but nothing.

When I look at the captured packets from a users machine, I get the following:

The above is going from our users machine to the destination and below is the reply:

In the Sonicwall I have enabled these settings;

I have also in the access rules, disabled DPI and allowed TCP urgent packets.

Any assistance would be helpful.

Category: Entry Level Firewalls


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