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Fine Grained Permissions

Hello everyone and Merry Christmas. I was hoping to get some feedback as to how others might tackle a problem I am having.

In the link above, you can see that the limited administrators cannot create users, reset user passwords or even close a user's stuck SSL-VPN session. If I give my staff limited administrators, I get inundated with requests and I have to do these tasks myself.

I don't want to grant FULL administrative access because I don't want anybody seeing or changing my settings for SYSLOG, auditing or email alerts.

Any ideas?

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    ArkwrightArkwright All-Knowing Sage ✭✭✭✭

    If Sonicwall don't implement this feature themselves then your only hope would be to write your own tools, for example, using the API.

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    There has to be some way to fine-tune permissions. It seems like the rights of a limited administrator are not very useful. I need to be able to have staff manage common tasks such as closing stuck VPN sessions, adding VPN users, etc. without allowing them into the auditing sections of the device

    There are groups called audit administrators and system administrators but I cant find anything on-line about what rights those permissions have. It would be ideal if I could allow the rights of an administrator and deny the rights of an audit administrator.

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    Ok, if anybody's interested I found the answer out by creating a user with 'system administrators' privileges and logging in as that user. The Log Settings menu is not visible and I was able to disconnect stuck VPN sessions as well as create new VPN users .

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