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nsa 5650 logging issue

Hello. I manage a NSA 5650 and am having a weird problem with logging. The guest WiFi is connected to an 8 port PoE switch to give power to the APs. The uplink for that switch is port X8 on the NSA. I have tried packet capture, events, etc to see traffic. The only traffic I ever see is when a device gets an IP address from the NSA DHCP for that subnet. The port is setup as DMZ zone. I noticed the issue the first time when Appcontrol was enabled on the NSA. The blocking of the desired App worked fine but nothing in logs. The logging works fine on the LAN zone. Any ideas? Thank you.

Category: High End Firewalls


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    TonyATonyA SonicWall Employee

    Hi @jtuckerchug

    Lets start with the packet capture, if you set up a capture as follows:

    Monitor filter tab:

    Ether: IP

    IP Type: ICMP


    Enable - Enable Bidirectional Address and Port Matching 

    All other check boxes, leave unticked 

    Display filter:

    Leave fields blank and check all checkboxes at the bottom

    Advanced monitor filter:

    Check all boxes except - Restore original ports on SSL decrypted traffic. 

    Run a ping from a device connected to one of those AP's.

    You should see traffic egressing - if you don't it likely means the traffic is not reaching the firewall. (Which would be odd if they have an internet connection and the only link out is through the firewall).

    Let me know the results and we can continue looking into the event logs next.

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    @TonyA - thanks for the reply and i apologize for the delay in my reply.

    i ran packet capture and see the traffic

    1 12/20/2023 08:55:57.816 X8*(i) X1 IP ICMP -- FORWARDED 74[74]

    2 12/20/2023 08:55:57.816 -- X1* (PUBLIC_IP) IP ICMP -- FORWARDED 74[74]

    3 12/20/2023 08:55:57.816 X1*(i) X8 (PUBLIC_IP) IP ICMP -- FORWARDED 74[74]

    4 12/20/2023 08:55:57.816 -- X8* IP ICMP -- FORWARDED 74[74]

    5 12/20/2023 08:55:58.832 X8*(i) X1 IP ICMP -- FORWARDED 74[74]

    6 12/20/2023 08:55:58.832 -- X1* (PUBLIC_IP) IP ICMP -- FORWARDED 74[74]

    7 12/20/2023 08:55:58.832 X1*(i) X8 (PUBLIC_IP) IP ICMP -- FORWARDED 74[74]

    8 12/20/2023 08:55:58.832 -- X8* IP ICMP -- FORWARDED 74[74]

    9 12/20/2023 08:55:59.832 X8*(i) X1 IP ICMP -- FORWARDED 74[74]

    10 12/20/2023 08:55:59.832 -- X1* (PUBLIC_IP) IP ICMP -- FORWARDED 74[74]

    11 12/20/2023 08:55:59.848 X1*(i) X8 (PUBLIC_IP) IP ICMP -- FORWARDED 74[74]

    12 12/20/2023 08:55:59.848 -- X8* IP ICMP -- FORWARDED 74[74]

    13 12/20/2023 08:56:00.848 X8*(i) X1 IP ICMP -- FORWARDED 74[74]

    14 12/20/2023 08:56:00.848 -- X1* (PUBLIC_IP) IP ICMP -- FORWARDED 74[74]

    15 12/20/2023 08:56:00.864 X1*(i) X8 (PUBLIC_IP) IP ICMP -- FORWARDED 74[74]

    16 12/20/2023 08:56:00.864 -- X8* IP ICMP -- FORWARDED 74[74]

    thanks for your attention

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    TonyATonyA SonicWall Employee

    Thanks @jtuckerchug

    Looks like traffic flow is fine and going through the firewall and back. So traffic is looking fine but you are not seeing any events in the event logs for for things like app control right?

    Can you check the Zone page to see if app control is enabled? Do you see app control logs for LAN devices?

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    hello @TonyA

    thanks again for the assistance. correct. i do not see any events except when a device on the DMZ gets an IP from DHCP running on the SonicWALL for that interface (X8).

    Zones page the AppControl is enabled per the green check box

    i do see events for AppControl for the LAN zone.

    really strange.

    thanks again for the assistance.

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    TonyATonyA SonicWall Employee

    Hey @jtuckerchug

    I checked some things on my side and didn't find anything useful. I'd suggest calling support when you have some time so we can go through this a bit deeper and possibly try to replicate it in lab.

    Sorry I couldn't be of more help here!

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    Not a problem. I had a web case for this issue and it was not resolved either. I appreciate the assistance.

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    MitatOngeMitatOnge All-Knowing Sage ✭✭✭✭

    Hi @jtuckerchug

    did you check below settings on the firewall:

    DMZ to WAN Access rules logging checkbox enabled?

    Check below exclusion list without DMZ interfaces and ip segments.

    "Firewall / App control / Configure App Control Settings / Enable Application Control Exclusion List"

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    hello. thanks for the comment. unfortunately these options are all set like the examples that you shared. thanks again.

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    MitatOngeMitatOnge All-Knowing Sage ✭✭✭✭


    You are welcome. last thing; did you check app control enabled under the zone tab?

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