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CLI difference between OS 6.5 and OS 7

We have a third party software Solarwinds SEM (LEM) that has the ability to connect via CLI to the Sonicwall firewall and add a host IPv4 object and then add that to a group. This is part of an automated rule and block.

I just replaced the NSA 2600 firewall running OS 6.5.x with NSA 2700 firewall running OS 7.x.

Apparently, there is a difference in the CLI between the 2 versions of OS.

The way Solarwinds SEM works the automate block is this way:

1) Open a CLI session

2) Create the address object

3) Add the address object to a group

4) Close the CLI session.

What is happening now is the address object gets created but is never added to the group.

Does anyone know what may have changed in the CLI commands between 6.5 and 7?

Category: Mid Range Firewalls


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    prestonpreston Enthusiast ✭✭
    edited November 2023

    Hi @jst3751 if it is just ipv4 address objects there doesn't appear to be any difference, you can run the same commands as below for both gen 6.5 and Gen7, you just need the ipv4 bit and don't forget "" if there are any spaces in the name and then run the commit after creating a list of objects before adding to the group, you may also find if you are mixing object types then the group needs to be ipv6 not ipv4

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