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Translate IPv4 to IPv6

I need to forward IPv6 packets to internal IPv4 server. Please see below my description and attempts made.

WAN interface has both IPv4 and IPv6 active. DNS has already propagated and is set: points to IPv4 points to IPv6.

I need IPv4 packets to go to nginx server (IPv4), and IPv6 packets to go to mailer server (also IPv4). Both nginx and mailer servers are on the same interface, X2.

For testing purposes, I created a nginx rule to listen to and return an internal test HTML file, but it returns: "ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT" to the browser.

I understood that I need to create a NAT64 policy to make this translation.

At SonicWall when I go to "add" a NAT policy and select NAT64 only I must provide:

  • IPv6 original source
  • Translated IPv4 source
  • Pref64
  • Inbound interface
  • Outbound interface

I provided "IPv6 original source: public IPv6", "Translated IPv4 source: nginx IPv4" and don't know what to provide for "Pref64".

Interfaces are left with "Any". All NAT policies I've created for this purpose remains with "usage count = 0".

I have tried "Pref64" with: Well-Known Pref64; U0 IPv6 Primary Static Address Subnet; IPv6 Link-Local Subnet; X1 IPv6 Primary Static Address Subnet.

I've already marked "enable IPv6 = yes" at SonicWall settings.

Category: Mid Range Firewalls


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