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SMA500v ESXi migration to SMA500v Hyper-V

What is the procedure to migrate a SMA500v ESXi installation to a Hyper-V installation?

Done some testing that is not going well.

Both installations on the same version

After installating a config backup from the ESXi into the Hyper-V, I'm now unable to access the webinterface for administration. Firefox says directly "Unable to connect". The console of the Hyper-V says "Serial Number: Unknown". Console shows all the correct IP information that it should have, but I can't connect with webinterface for admin.

Is there a step-by-step instruction for an ESXi -> Hyper-V migration?

Shouldnt the serial number and licenses be included in the config backup?

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    BWCBWC Cybersecurity Overlord ✭✭✭

    @Vaux I did only a single ESXi to Hyper-V in the migration, but if I remember correctly these were the steps:

    • Make sure you have the S/N and Activation Key
    • Export the Config from the ESXi appliance
    • Power off the ESXi appliance
    • Delete the SMA 500v license from the MySonicWall Portal
    • Register the S/N again in the MySonicWall Portal
    • Install the Hyper-V Appliance and make sure to use the S/N and the needed IP address
    • Change the admin password !!!
    • It should receive the correct license when bound with the correct MSW credentials
    • Import the ESXi config

    This should be it, if not I believe you have to reach out to Support and open up a Ticket.


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    VauxVaux Newbie ✭



    Did a lot of more testing. It does not work. Found a "Knowledge article" about the migration at Sonicwall, that had the same steps I already tried myself.

    Reached out to support, even if my experience during the years sadly is that they do not read and understand the complete and full information I give them. Sometimes they think they can play around in an running production environment, I find it very strange that they don't seem to have their own sandbox to test problems in, with the provided information. In this particular case, I think it probably will take a lot more of my time and energy to run this with the support, than just set up the Hyper-V 500v up manually.... But let's see what they say this time. I have two more customer ESXi:s that needs to be migrated to Hyper-V, after this one is done.

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