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Mobile Connect configuration via Intune profile broken.

IanJIanJ Newbie ✭
edited October 2023 in VPN Client

Whilst deploying Mobile Connect client v5.0.5.0 to our Windows 10 clients and trying to apply the configuration using intune VPN profile for Sonicwall Mobile connect client, it appears the ability to configure the VPN client via intune is broken.

In this document: How can I configure SSL-VPN connections using Mobile Connect on Windows 10? | SonicWall It is stated that the VPN Server address must be entered as a URL. IE

In this document:Windows 10/11 VPN settings in Microsoft Intune | Microsoft Learn It is stated that the VPN Server name should be entered as a FQDN. IE

The issue is this, if the VPN servername is entered as a FQDN in the profile, the profile is sent to the client and it correctly sets the servername to that which was entered in to the profile.

However when trying to make a VPN connection it fails as the VPN client is expecting the servername to be a URL, which it isn't, so reports that it cannot find the server.

Trying to enter the Servername as a URL in the intune profile causes the profile to report an error and fail to save.

I've had a lengthly conversation with intune first line support regarding this, their assessment of the issue is that the intune profile is working as per the documentation so they will not progress this any further & I can see their point.

I have a funny feeling if I raise this as a case with Sonicwall, I will eventually get told that 'This is a Microsoft issue' as the intune profile blocks entering the VPN servername in the format that is required for the client to work, which I can also appreciate.


so, where do I go with this now to try and get it resolved, comments please?


Category: VPN Client


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