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FQDN Tunnel Support

jtschudyjtschudy Newbie ✭

Our Azure DBs include IP authentication from our public IP. Anyone connecting through VPN is tunneled for that reason so they can authenticate with the database. There is a range of public IPs associated with the FQDN for our database and while they do not change often, they do occasionally change which creates a tedious process of finding the new IPs and adding them back to the tunnel. Azure DB is one example but there are other similar services used that are authenticated like this that change public IP far more frequently.

While troubleshooting I was informed by a tech that tunneling does not support use of a FQDN so every IP must be entered and updated which to me seems to defeat the point of having FQDNs in front of a range of public IPs.

I looked for a feature request and did not find one so here is my feature request.

Category: SSL VPN
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