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DHCP on TZ670 not responding to traffic intended for Virtual interface

I have a simple setup for this device's:



traffic from the AP for the main SSID is untagged and gets an IP address in the 49.x network no problem

traffic from the AP for the guest SSID is tagged with 50 and fails to get an IP address in the 50.x network

DHCP Scopes are both defined and active

packet capture shows the request packet coming in with the ID=50 but I can not determine why the Sonicwall is not handing out the addresses. It looks like I am unable to attach the Packet Capture here that shows the request that is going unanswered.

Category: Entry Level Firewalls


  • BWCBWC Cybersecurity Overlord ✭✭✭

    @KMBIT DHCP is on UDP Port 67 and 68, can you see any reply traffic from the SNWL on that? You should see VLAN 50 tagged traffic leaving the SNWL. Any traffic dropped here?

    If you check the DHCP scopes on the SNWL, is the range assigned to X0:V50 correctly?


  • KMBITKMBIT Newbie ✭

    BWC - I was not seeing any traffic being dropped - and honestly it baffled me. the TZ670 config was a converted NSA2650 config. so I decided to blow away the Virtual Interfaces and recreate them - and the DHCP Server is now responding. I can not explain why this happened as the scope was in place and active - just not answering the requests. I'm not sure if the Virt interface was the issue or if the scope that was created in the conversion was the issue - but recreating both did resolve the issue.


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