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Ping works on IPSec tunnels but not via Mobile Connect or NetExtender or L2TP tunnels

Just curious why ping will work over a IPSec tunnel but not over Mobile Connect (on Mac) or Netextender (on PC) or L2TP.

I saw another thread which was not very helpful. In SSL VPN client settings, DNS search list does include our domain and the local DNS and WINS servers are listed. I tried turning NetBIOS over SSLVPN on and it didn't solve the issue.

For SSLVPN, the client routes do include the local LAN. I have a rule for SSLVPN -> LAN that allows ping.

What is the difference in how the various tunnels handle ping (ICMP)?

I'm a bit puzzled. I would think that any of the

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    ArkwrightArkwright All-Knowing Sage ✭✭✭✭

    Ping to what? I use NetExtender regularly, and ping to things on the network I am remoting in to works fine. I don't recall trying to ping the firewall itself over a NetExtender connection, however.

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    Ping servers. I can ping servers just fine through any IPSec tunnel but not via the other options mentioned in the post.

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