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NetExtender NxConnect and drive mapping

I have the SSL VPN setup and trying do a post connection script using ncconnect.

All of the PC's are windows 111 and authenticted/connected via Azure AD/Entra ID. They are not Active director joied

I'm using cmdkey for storing the user credentials. Manually running the connection script after the VPN connection is setup works just fine. However running it as part of the VPN connection startup does not work.

Debugging the script shows its hanging on the drive mapping.

The sample cmdkey is:

cmdkey / /user:username /pass:password

The drive mapping is:

net use z: \\\data /SAVECRED

Anybody have any thoughts on this?

Category: VPN Client


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    RodPenaRodPena SonicWall Employee

    Can you try:

     net use drive: \name of server\folder

    Let me know if that worked for you?

    Thank you.

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