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MacOS 14.0 Sonoma

rsnclrswrsnclrsw Newbie ✭

Has anyone seen issues with MobileConnect on Sonoma yet? We had one client who had a contractor that upgraded to Sonoma and could no longer pass traffic over the client VPN. I see the MacOS client does not officially state Sonoma is supported yet.

Category: VPN Client



    I don't have any issue with Sonicwall mobile connect on MAC latest sonoma. however once ask the client to open server address on safari browser if the security warning dialogue appear just click on continue and MAC will except the SSL certificate. and then check with mobile connect.

  • jeffgjeffg Newbie ✭

    I have noticed an issue myself. It does not seem to be using the VPN DNS server anymore. I am unable to access any remote site via dns, but I am able to access by IP number. Looking for a solution.

  • rsnclrswrsnclrsw Newbie ✭

    I upgraded to Sonoma within the last week and didn't see any issues with DNS. @jeffg were you coming from Ventura?

  • jeffgjeffg Newbie ✭

    Yes, I upgrade from Ventura. I had no issues on Ventura, but on multiple computers I am not able to access servers by domain name over the VPN, only by IP number using Mobile Connect on Sonoma.

  • rsnclrswrsnclrsw Newbie ✭
    edited October 12

    So interesting find the other day on this; we found out this particular issue was not with SonicWALL but DFS. The user could connect to the VPN but when trying to traverse the DFS namespace, the server connection would time out. Upgrading to Sonoma 14.1 beta fixes that issue.

    The workaround (if not upgrading to 14.1) is to connect directly to the file server shares.

    I've been on Sonoma since last Friday and no issues on VPN so far, and no DNS resolution issues.

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