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"Any unsaved changes will be lost"

ArkwrightArkwright All-Knowing Sage ✭✭✭✭

In the reboot menu, it warns that "any unsaved changes will be lost". Does anyone know what changes it is talking about? Because I don't know how it's possible to get to the reboot menu without saving or cancelling any change you might have already made.

If someone else is on CLI making changes they would have to be in config mode and you would have to be in non-config mode in the web interface. You cannot reboot in non-config mode.

Category: Mid Range Firewalls


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    MustafaAMustafaA SonicWall Employee

    Good question, and I am not sure about the answer. Even when there are pending commits as a result of the API calls, all of them will be purged when another user with admin privilege logs in in config mode.

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