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NETEXTENDER not working on Windows ARM on MacBook Air through Parallels


I'm hoping to get some advice. I recent bought a MacBook Air with M1 chip. I was hoping to use it as for work to access our work network while I'm travelling through Windows running via Parallel. I can install Netextender, enter details - however each time I try to log in Netextender runs - goes through the steps - preparing verifying, initialising etc - but then either automatically disconnects or simply says initialising engine... failed! - just wondering if anyone had seen this issue? I've contacted parallel and they say its an issue with sonicwall not supporting an arm virtual machine?

Category: VPN Client


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    TonyATonyA SonicWall Employee

    Hi @CROVERT ,

    NetExtender does not support ARM at the moment - Although it will be coming in an upcoming version.

    For the moment, you can try Mobile connect in the windows store - but please do note it is end of life and not supported anymore - but it should still work.

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    hi, thanks for your reply - do you know when you expect to launch the upcoming version that will?

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    A_ElliottA_Elliott Enthusiast ✭✭


    This will be the case for ALL Windows software that's not meant for ARM CPUs, or "Windows RT".

    Basically, if it doesn't come from the Microsoft Store, it won't work in your Mac-hosted VM.

    My suggestion would be to use a Windows laptop instead of the Macbook if you need to run Windows Applications, or carry two laptops if you need both Windows and Mac.

    There is a MacOS SonicWall VPN client, so use that natively on your Mac to do work, and I would honestly forget about using Windows on Apple Silicon.

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