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FortiClient VPN


Has anyone use the FortiClient VPN to connect to the Group WAN VPN on a Sonicwall. I match the settings in Phase 1 and 2 but does not create a tunnel.


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    edited September 2023

    The Group WAN VPN is an IPSec based VPN tunnel. Mixing up other VPN clients are tricky as each vendor adds their own functionally.

    SonicWall has a number of clients, each has a different purpose. It's recommend using one of those for its respected connection type.

    Link: SonicWall VPN Clients | NetExtender & Mobile Connect

    If it is going to work, you need to try to keep it to the very basics, Configure the firewall with the basic config.

    Link: How can I configure IPSec Client based VPN for remote users? | SonicWall

    It's the Client that is not going to work here, the Firewall should be configured to accept the connection as an IPSec tunnel. Then you will need to tweak the Client to work.

    Keep in mind that you cannot expect a SSL-VPN Client to connect to an IPSec tunnel. These are two completely different tunnel types and the key exchange/encryption is completely different.

    I have not done this with the FortiClient exactly, but I have connected Cisco and others in the past.

    Aslo, Failure at Phase 2 might be related to PFS, the protocols used, and the Life Time needs to match.

    check the clients logs for exact errors.

    I hope this is helpful.

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    Forticlient and other brands client does not support sonicwall client to site vpn settings. just you can use another client for lt2p vpn on sonicwall

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